Add Ronspot to Microsoft Teams

Step 1 – Open  Microsoft Teams

Step 2 –  Go to the Teams tab  on the left sidebar and select a team

Step 3 – Click on the button at the top to add a new tab

Microsoft Teams - First step to add a tab

Step 4 – Select Website

Microsoft Teams - Seconds tep to add a tab

Step 5 – Fill up the following fields and save:

  • Name: Ronspot
  • URL:
  • Post to the channel about this tab: Yes
    • If set to ‘Yes’, the tab will be automatically visible to all users in this channel, and allow them to access their own Ronspot account

Microsoft Teams - Third step to add a tab

Step 6 – Click on the new Ronspot tab to access Ronspot from Microsoft Teams
We recommend you to connect your Microsoft Azure account to Ronspot to skip the login step