Filter meeting rooms by time and tags

Meeting availability searchFrom the app

Step 1 – On the Ronspot mobile app, press on the second icon  in the bottom navigation bar to access the booking calendar

Step 2 – Click the filter icon  on the top right corner, this will open a new pop-up window (see image).

Step 3 – Select the filter(s) you wish to apply

  • Time: Set a Start Time and End Time if you are looking for a meeting room for a specific time
  • Facility: Select Meeting Rooms to exclude Desks and view the availability of meeting rooms only
  • Tags: Select the attribute(s) you want your meeting room to have

Step 4 – Click Apply. The availability of meeting rooms will be updated on both the calendar and the map

From the web portal

Step 1 – On the web portal, select a zone with a meeting room (use the Zone drop-down in the top right corner)

Step 2 – Click on the selector above the booking calendar

Step 3 – Select the filter(s) you wish to apply (time, facility, tags)

Step 4 – Click Apply