Schedule a meeting

This feature is currently available on the web portal only


Step 1 – On the web portal, select a zone with a meeting room (use the Zone drop-down in the top right corner)

Step 2 – Click on an available day in the calendar to access the map

Step 3 – Click the meeting room you wish to book. This will open a pop-up calendar, showing you when that meeting room is free to book throughout the day (unavailable timeslots will be shown in red).

Step 4 – Choose the time you wish to book the meeting room for by clicking the time slot. To extend the duration of the meeting, click and drag the mouse down for the duration you wish to meet. Then click Next.


Step 5 – Next you will update the meeting details

  • Meeting name
  • Repeat option: You can choose how often you wish to repeat the meeting here. You may choose to do daily, weekly, monthly, or as often as you wish.
  • End date: You can also choose an end date for this recurring meeting (this is good for project meetings that will eventually end).
  • Booking time: You also have the option to amend the length of the booking if you wish.
  • Notes

To continue, click Next.


Step 6 – Add meeting participants

  • Type the name of your fellow employees in the search box
  • Check the box    beside their name to add them to this meeting. To remove a participant, simply click the  button  in the participant list.
  • Once you’ve added all your participants, click Confirm.