OKTA single sign-on: How to connect with Ronspot

Step 1 – Login to OKTA

Navigate to the OKTA website and login with your company credentials.

Step 2 – Go to ‘Applications’ → ‘ Applications’

In the sidebar menu, choose the menu item “Applications”. This will expand to show another ‘applications’ option. Click on this.

Step 3 – Select ‘Create App Integration’

To create a new application click on the “Create App Integration” button.

Step 4 – Choose ‘OIDC – OpenID Connect’ and ‘Web Application’
  • Sign-in method: OIDC – OpenID Connect
  • Application Type: Web Application”
  • Click on the “Next” button


Step 5 – Fill in the following details

Step 6 – Go to ‘Applications’ and select ‘Ronspot’

Return to the Applications page and select this Ronspot App that you have just created.

Step 7 – Send the values below to Ronspot

From the “General” tab, you will be able to see the:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Okta domain.

Please copy these field values and pass them to the Ronspot Support team (see screenshot below).

You may decide to edit the domain and use a custom domain as per your requirements.


Step 8 – Go to the ‘General Settings’ section and click on ‘Edit’

Scroll down to the “General Settings” section and click on the Edit button, it will open the Login section.

Step 9 – Add the ‘Sign-in redirect URLs’ and ‘Initiate login URI

Here you need to add the “Sign-in redirect URLs” (if you want to add more, click on the “Add URI” button) and the”Initiate Login URI” which are provided below:

Finally click on the Save button.

Step 10 – Go to the ‘Security’ → ‘API’ → ‘Authorization Servers

In the sidebar menu, choose the menu item “Security”.

This will expand. Click on the API option. There are 3 tabs. Please select the “Authorization Servers” tab.

Step 11 – Add authorization server

Then click on the  “Add Authorization Server” button.  Fill out the 3 fields in this form and click on the Save button. Give it any appropriate name. See the image below.

14/ Create a token

Select the ‘Tokens‘ tab and then click on the “Create Token” button. In the subsequent pop-up, give it any appropriate name and then save it.

Don’t forget

As noted in step 7, please pass the Client ID, Client Secret and Okta domain to the Ronspot Support Team.