Invite employees to join

Before you start

  • Multiple email domains: If your company is using different email domains, please make sure all the domains are listed in Advanced settings > User Authentication
  • Single Sign-On: If you want your employees to login with a Single Sign-On authentication methods (Microsoft Azure AD, Google, Okta, Duo, OneLogin), please read our integration documentation

Email template

Here is an example of template you can use to inform your employees about Ronspot:

Hi everyone,

We are pleased to announce the implementation of the Ronspot booking system to help us reserve desks, parking spaces and meeting rooms. Every employee can now book a space in advance prior to going to the office!

To join Ronspot, simply follow these simple steps:

      1. Download the Ronspot mobile app (available on Android and iOS), or alternatively use the web portal on your browser
      2. Go to the REGISTER tab and create an account
      3. Then login to the app using your new account

You are all set to make your first booking!

For more information, check out our help centre or read our user guide (Desk user guide / Parking user guide)

Happy booking!