Make desks bookable by the hour

Step 1 – On the admin panel, click on Desks in the sidebar menu

Step 2 – Choose a desk and click on the Edit button

Step 3 – Select Booking Period: Hourly

Step 4 – In Booking Range, select the:

  • start time⁠—bookings before this time won’t be possible
  • end time⁠—bookings after this time won’t be possible

Step 5 – In Booking Slot, select the duration of the timeslots.

Step 6 – Click > Update to save the changes

Step 7 –  Repeat the same steps for the rest of your desks


If the Hourly option can’t be selected, please make sure that:

  • your zone has a published map (Zones / Maps > Map> Publish Map: Yes)
  • this spot is not assigned to any employee in the Scheduler
  • QR code with Multi-Zone Check-In is disabled for this zone  (Zones / Maps > Edit > Check-In >
  • social distancing is disabled for this zone (Zones / Maps > Edit > Bookings > Social Distancing)

If you get this error “The booking range needs to be a multiple of the booking slot period.” when selecting a booking slot :

  • you need to adjust the booking range so that the available duration is a multiple of the selected slot
  • for example, if you select a 5-hour time slot, the duration of the booking range duration must be equal to 5 hrs (1 slot), 10 hrs (2 slots), 15 hrs (3 slots), or 20 hrs (4 slots).