Upload an office map

Create a desk zone

Step 1 – Click on Zones / Maps in the sidebar menu of the admin panel

Step 2 – Click on the blue button + Add Zone

Step 3 – Fill out the fields (see image)

  • Name: Type the name of your zone
    • it can be the name of a building, of a floor, of a department, etc.
    • the name will be visible by employees on the app, so make sure to use a recognisable name
  • Type: Select Desk Zone
  • Layout: Select I have a map
  • Timezone: Select your local time zone for the booking time to match
  • Status: Select Active

Step 4 – Click on Complete

Upload your office map

Step 5 – Find your office zone in the list and click on the Map button

Step 6 – Click on Choose file , select your office map (.jpg or .png format), and click on Upload

Select your desks

Step 7 – Drag and drop the Space Selector to the map (see image)

Step 8 – Give a number to your desk (keep it short, 2-3 characters max) and click on Save

Step 9 – Click on the shape to move it and resize it

  • Move: Click on the shape, hold down and drag
  • Resize: Mouse over the borders, your cursor will change (from a hand to a double arrow), click, hold down and drag
  • Rotate: right-click on the square, then choose “Configuration”, change the value of “Rotation” and click on “Save”

Step 10 – Repeat for the other desks

Once you’re finished, don’t forget to click on Publish map Yes at the top of the page to make the map visible to your employees