Upload a meeting room map

Create a desk zone

Step 1 – On the admin panel, click on Zones / Maps in the sidebar menu

Step 2 – Click on the blue button + Add Zone

Step 3 – Fill out the fields (see image)

  • Name: Type the name of your zone
    • it can be the name of a building, of a floor, of a department, etc.
    • the name will be visible by employees on the app, so make sure to use a recognisable name
  • Type: Select Desk Zone
  • Layout: Select I have a map
  • Timezone: Select your local time zone for the booking time to match
  • Status: Select Active

Step 4 – Click on Complete

Upload your office map

Step 5 – Find the new zone in the list and click on the Map button

Step 6 – Click on Choose file , select your office map (.jpg or .png format), and click on Upload

Select your meeting rooms

Step 7 – Drag and drop the Space Selector to the map (see image)

Step 8 – Tick the box Meeting Room

Step 9 – Give a name to your meeting room (try to keep it short),  select the maximum capacity, and click on Save

Step 10 – Click on the shape to move it and resize it

  • Move: Click on the shape, hold down and drag
  • Resize: Mouse over the borders, your cursor will change (from a hand to a double arrow), click, hold down and drag
  • Rotate: right-click on the square, then choose “Configuration”, change the value of “Rotation” and click on “Save”
Once you’re finished, don’t forget to click on Publish map Yes at the top of the page to make the map visible to your employees