How to Add Extra Ronspot Administrators

Creating extra Ronspot admin accounts is free and takes only a couple of minutes (no commitment, no credit card required). 

However, as admin accounts can only be created from within an already existing Ronspot Admin account, please check this article first on how to create your first account.

Create an extra admin account

Step 1 – Head over to and login with your pre-existing admin account. Enter your username and password. Click Sign In.

Admin Login

Step 2 – On the menu on the left hand side, click on Settings and then on Admin Users. This opens the following page called Administrator Management. From here, any admin users previously created are available to view or edit. Make Inactive, resend a password or change their Permission level from Basic to Full. On the top left corner is a yellow icon. Click on this to create a new account. Indicated below with the red arrow.

Step 3 – Enter a unique username for the admin, email address and password. The permission levels can be Basic or Advanced. Basic only allows that admin to view the Dashboard without making any changes. Advanced level is full access.

Step 4 – Click on Add. That’s it, you’re all set!