Close the office during holidays

Step 1 – On the admin panel, click on Advanced Settings > Office Closures in the sidebar menu

Step 2 – Click on Add Closure

Step 3 – Fill up the following fields:

  • Title: name of the holiday
  • Description: short description to explain why the office will be closed on these days
  • Multi-days: select ‘Yes’ if the office is closed more than 1 day
  • Start date: select the first day of closure
  • End date (if ‘Multi-days’ is selected): select the last day of closure
  • Repeat: select ‘No’ unless you want the closure to be recurring
    • If you want to block weekends:
      • Select a Saturday as a ‘Start Date’, choose ‘End Date: No’ and ‘Repeat: Weekly’
      • Create another closure for Sundays and repeat the same steps
  • Zone: select the zones you want this closure to apply to
  • Status: choose ‘Active’ to prevent bookings on this date.

Step 4 – Click on > Add