How to set up credits

Step 1 – On the admin panel, click on Zones / Maps in the sidebar menu

Step 2 – Find your zone in the list and click on the Modify button

Step 3 – Then go to the Bookings tab

Step 4 – Configure the 5 following fields:

    • Use 0 to disable the credit system.

    • Determine the specific days within the week when booking a slot in this zone will necessitate a credit(s).
    • Select the time after which employees can make a booking for the next day without having to use any credits.
    • By default:
      • Full Refund: 32hrs before the end of the day (16:00 on the previous day)
      • Half-refund: 12hrs before the end of the day (12:00 on the same day)

Step 5 – Click on > Update