Connect AZURE AD to Ronspot

Step 1 – Login to the Azure portal

Step 2 – Go to ‘Manage Azure Active Directory’

Click on the View button under Manage Azure Active Directory  (see red square below)

Azure AD - Manage Azure Active Directory

Step 3 – Go to ‘Entreprise Applications’

This will bring you to your company overview page. On the left sidebar, click on Enterprise applications (see red square below)

Azure AD - Enterprise Applications

Step 4 –  Add a ‘New application’

At the top of the page, press on the button New application (highlighted in red below)

Step 5 – Find the Ronspot app in the Azure AD Gallery

This will take you to the Azure AD Gallery. Type the word ronspot in the search bar and click on the app named Ronspot Parking and Desk Management (see red square below)

Azure AD - Browese Azure AD Gallery

Step 6 – Sign up for the Ronspot application

This will open a pop-up on the right side. Cick on the blue button Sign up for Ronspot Parking and Desk Management (see red square below).

Azure AD - Sign up for Ronspot Parking and Desk Management

Step 7 – Give permissions

On the Microsoft page, tick the option Consent of behalf of your organisation (this might not show based on your company seetings), then click on the button Accept (see image below)

Step 8 – Edit the Ronspot application

Back on the All applications page, click on the application Ronspot Parking and Desk Management (see below)

Step 9 – Go to ‘Users and groups’

On the sidebar, click on Users and groups (see red square below)

Azure AD - Add users/groups

Step 10 – Click on ‘Add user/group’

On this page, you can find the list of employees who have been granted permission to access the Ronspot application via Azure AD. To add a new employee to the list, simply click on Add user/group at the top of the list (highlighted in red below).

Azure AD - Add user/group

Step 11 – Add new users

Type the name of the user in the search box, then select the corresponding user below, and press the Select button

This user has now got instant access to the Ronspot app using the Azure AD SSO. They need to download the App and chose the “Sign in with Microsoft’ option in the login screen. They will be directed to enter their company email address and password. Depending on how the company has set up multi factor authentication the employee may be asked for further information such as a one time use code.

This will confirm access and after a few seconds they will be directed to the calendar booking screen of Ronspot. The employee will remain logged in unless they log themselves out. The admin can remove access at any point using the Azure AD control panel.