Setup Social Distancing (Covid-19)

Social Distancing protocols for desk management

Social distancing is now even easier to setup. It can be setup in the ‘Zone Layout’ section of the admin panel. Here is what to do:

  1. Open up the map for the zone you wish to setup social distancing.
  2.  Choose the desk spot you want to socially distance. Click the social distancing icon in the bottom left of the spot.
  3. Once selected, this allows you to choose which desks are in the social distance bubble for this specific desk.
  4. Now choose the desks you want to make socially distant from the original desk. These desks will turn yellow once social distancing is attached.
  5. Click to social distancing icon again to save your social distancing protocols.
  6. Social distancing is now setup for that specific desk. Make sure to add social distancing protocols to all desks that require social distancing.

What does this mean?

Once you have setup social distancing for a desk, it will become live for all users. This means that when an employee books a desk, all desks within the social distancing bubble (set by the admin) will become unbookable for other users. When an employee tries to book a spot in this bubble, the desk will not appear grey and unbookable in the app.


An ExampleSocial distancing - how to setup social distancing with ronspot


Administrators will set up their office map and desk spaces. Then they can begin to set social distancing protocols.

In the Zone Layout, administrators will see a social distancing icon on the desk spot. Now the admin can select other desks that will be made unbookable, when the initial desk is booked.

For example:

If an admin selects desk 1, and chooses to socially distance desks 2 and 3, these desks will be unbookable when desk 1 is booked.

So when an employee sees this map in the Ronspot app, they will be unable to books desks 2 and 3 when desk 1 is already booked.