What are desk credits?


Credits are tokens used in Ronspot to manage the demand for desks and ensure fairness between employees.

These tokens are free and virtual.

Notes: The credit system is an optional functionality in Ronspot. Read this article on desk credits to know if your company is using credits.


The aim of credits is to:

  • give every employee the same opportunity to book a desk
  • prevent employees from overbooking a desk at the expense of colleagues
  • encourage employees to release their desk if they are not going to work

How it works

  1. You and your colleagues will automatically be allocated a limited number of credits every month or week (depending on your company settings) by Ronspot. This number is your initial credit balance.
  2. For every future booking you make in Ronspot, credits will be deducted from your credit balance.
    • In general, booking 1 desk = 1 credit, but this can vary depending on your company settings
    • The number of credits you have left in your balance will limit the number of desks you can book for the rest of the month or week
    • Exception: Booking a desk at the last minute (for the current or next day, subject to availability) won’t cost you any credits (1 desk = 0 credit)
  3. Conversely, for every booking you cancel, credits will be instantly refunded to your credit balance
    • If you are not going to work, simply release your desk, gain your credit back, and reuse this credit to book a desk for another day