Check-in – Scan a parking QR code

Notes: For this option to be available, your administrator must set up the check-in system

From the app

Step 1 – Open the Ronspot mobile app

Step 2 – Provided you have a parking space booked for the current day, you can either:

  • on the home screen  , find your booking at the top of the page and click on Check-in and CONFIRM
  • or go directly to the third icon in the bottom navigation bar

Step 3 – This will open the camera on your mobile phone (you will have to allow the app to access your camera)

Step 4 – Point the camera towards the QR code

Step 5 –You will now be successfully checked-in for your parking space and returned to the home screen

Step 6 – To check-out, just click the Check-out link on the home screen

From the web portal

This feature is not available on the web portal as you need a camera to scan the QR code. Please see how to check-in manually from the web portal.