View Colleagues’ Bookings

How to view your Colleagues’ Bookings

Ronspot allows you to view your colleagues’ bookings in two ways:

Option One: Search Bookings

Step 1 – Open the Ronspot app and make sure you’re logged in. Press the dropdown menu in the top left corner of the app.

Step 2 – You will see the option to ‘Search Bookings‘. Press this option.

Step 3 – Choose the zone you wish to search in, then enter the name of your colleague.

Step 4 – Press your colleague’s name and view their bookings.

Step 5 – Their bookings will be listed here. You will see the dates and spots they are booked into.


Alternatively, you may try option two.

Option Two: Using the Interactive Booking Map

Step 1 – Open the Ronspot app, make sure you’re logged in. Open the booking calendar.

Step 2 – Press the date you wish to view and go to the interactive map.

Step 3 – On the interactive map, you can view your colleagues’ bookings for that day.