Set up the Check-in/out System

Setup employee check-in through the admin panel

Employee check-in is setup at the zone level in the admin panel. To setup employee check-in, administrators will follow the following steps:

1. Go to the zone page in the admin panel.

2. Choose the zone you wish to setup employee check-in and enter ‘Zone Settings’ ⚙.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the zone settings and choose your ‘Check-in Type’.

4. Choose your check-in type and begin employee check-in!


Check-in Types

When choosing a check-in type, there are two options: QR Code Check-in or Manual Check-in. These are explained below:

QR Code Check-in

QR code check-in allows employees to check-in to their spot each day by scanning a QR code. Here is how to setup QR code check-in:

1. Select ‘QR Code’ the check-in type dropdown in zone settings.

2. Update the settings.

3. Go to the ‘Desks’ section in the admin panel.

4. Go to the zone you have selected and click ‘Edit’.

5. You will see ‘QR Code’: here you can generate the QR for that spot.

6. Print the QR code and have it on the physical desk.

7. Employees can then scan the QR code using their mobile phone to check-in each day.

Remember, each spot will have it’s own individual QR code, so each spot must have a QR code generated for it. The QR Code check-in can ensure that the desk space is being booked each day.


Manual Check-in

The manual check-in is a more basic way for employees to check-in. This is simple to setup:

1. Select ‘Manual’ from the check-in type dropdown menu in zone settings.

2. Update the settings.

3. Now employees will be able to manually check-in on the app.

This will make check-in active for all spots in the zone.

For employees that want to learn how to check-in, view this article.